Man, did summer HAVE to hit so fast? When did we go from the 90s to the 115s?? lol.  Frankly, I think this sucks.  So… vacations!!! Everyone is coming into the store destined for  new, fun  destination vacations.  I’m jealous.. but then again, I get to find out about all the cool new places.  Vacation packing is different than packing for a trip for business.  Look for lighter and interchangeable pieces that will transition to a lot of different looks.  Try little cotton dresses, tanks and shorts.  Most of our vacation destinations are warm climates (and hopefully with a beach!!!) so you want to pack things that have a lot of punch (think COLOR) and that are lightweight and easy to pack.  As the buyer at Elan, I try to get things in for summer that are 1) inexpensive 2) washable and 3) bright and happy colors.  Who wants to wear an expensive silk that is going to wilt in the heat? (Along with you!) And, most places you are at you are not going to have the option of rewashing your clothes.

If you come by the store.. please tell me where you are destined for vacation!!! :) Happy summer!!!

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