Weather is changing

FINALLY!!! I am ready for jackets and boots! Then again… I am always ready for boots. And I love the fall trends of vibrant, jewel-tone hues. Watch for dark mossy green (almost a teal but prettier), deep burgundies and crimson and rich purples. Peplums are still going strong thru the fall as well… and it is a look that is suited for just about everyone. Pair with skinny jeans or a slim skirt for a sexy, flattering silhouette. At Elan, we are just now starting to get in our sweaters and jackets and are expecting deliveries this month of fun, flirty party dresses that accentuate your best assets!!! :)

Happy October people! Enjoy the brief month of perfect weather and light sweaters. Oh, and try to get up north to enjoy the changing colors!!! Go Sedona!!!