My Pet Peeve

Ok.. so here it is.. what is UP with all the (usually) younger girls wearing jeans that (ahem) don’t fit them around the waist or hips? I see girls all the time with pants that are honestly too small for them. And guess what that means.. Muffin top! Plus, the pants look like they are going to come down any second which is NOT sexy. I just wish some of these younger women would face reality and actually buy clothing that is their SIZE. If you are a size 10, that is okay. But buying size 6s because you were that size 10 years ago doesn’t work anymore. Well fitting pants are flattering and make you look actually skinnier( if you buy the right ones that is ). So that is it. Don’t do it. Put down that size 6 pant and pick up the 10s. And be okay about it because feeling good about yourself and how you look is sexy regardless of your size!!! Happy Monday!!